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Sleep Disordered Breathing

Consequences of Sleep Disordered Breathing and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (PDF, 238.08 KB) take a toll on your mind, body and health. Sleep apnea is strongly linked with obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. This is the most common disease in the industrialized nation.

We are dedicated to partner with you and your sleep doctor to find solutions for your best sleep and long-term health. We utilize advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques for the most non-invasive and non-surgical approach possible.

Often you may not realize how disrupted your sleep is. It may start with difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, tossing and turning. If these symptoms are related to Sleep Disordered Breathing, it often escalates into snoring, gasping and ends with your airway completely collapsing or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The effects on your brain and body are harmful at every stage of this process. Take control of your health now.

What is Healthy Sleep?

sleep cycle stages | Serenity Valley Dental
sleep cycle stages

When you sleep, your will cycle through 4 different stages or types of sleep. Each of these stages are important and you need the appropriate amount of each for complete health.

Stage 1: Light Transitional Sleep

Stage 1 is Light Transitional Sleep or when you start to drift off to sleep. This should be about 5% of your sleep time.

Stage 2: Stable Sleep

Stage 2 is Stable Sleep when you can still be easily awakened. This should be about 45% of your sleep time.

Stage 3: Deep Sleep

Stage 3 is Deep Sleep when your body repairs and heals. This should take about 25% of your sleep time.

Stage 4: R.E.M. Sleep

Stage 4 is R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep when you dream and your mind is restored. This should take about 25% of your sleep time.

Your body needs to run through this cycle 3–4 times per night and each cycle will last about 90–120 minutes. Which means your body cannot function optimally without at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night.

Serenity Sleep & TMJ | Serenity Valley Dental

Serenity Sleep & TMJ

There are about 80 different types of sleep disorders so there are many options you may need to restore your sleep. We can help with 1 type, Sleep Disordered Breathing and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Many patients will need the help of their physician, sleep provider, ENT physician, body worker (chiropractic and craniosacral therapy), orofacial myologist, orthodontist and dentist. We will help you find the right team for your sleep health.

Here is how Serenity Sleep & TMJ can help you achieve better sleep:

Sleep Appliances

  • snore device | Serenity Valley Dental
  • snore device | Serenity Valley Dental
  • snore device | Serenity Valley Dental

Tired and having trouble tolerating your CPAP? A sleep appliance used alone or in conjunction with your CPAP can help you achieve more restful sleep by holding your bottom jaw forward and keeping your airway open. CPAP pressure can often be reduced when used with an oral appliance, so that you can tolerate your CPAP all night.

CBCT, airway before and after | Serenity Valley Dental
CBCT, airway before and after

Sleep appliance can also be used for your snoring and TMJ disorders.

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), or commonly called “TMJ”, is a term for any pain or dysfunction of your jaw joint and surrounding structures. These can affect your ability to eat, speak, swallow, chew and breathe. Pain may often radiate along your temples, around your eyes, near your ears, and down your neck. TMD is not a disease but a multitude of symptoms that need further evaluation to find the cause and appropriate therapy.

Many people have some damage of their TMJ’s as this joint is constantly moving and working. 15% of patients with untreated TMJ disorders will develop chronic TMD. However 85% of people with TMJ damage will not need any treatment. We will help you find out if your joint damage is progressive or stable and what your options are for a healthy or well-adapted jaw joint.

anatomical splint | Serenity Valley Dental
anatomical splint

In our office, most patients respond well to a conservative therapy called occlusal splints or orthotics. These are made to be comfortable and easy to wear during the daytime and nighttime. After a throughout evaluation of your TMJ, we will prescribe what type of occlusal splint is best for your situation and how often you will need to wear it.

Other therapies for jaw pain may include: therapeutic injections, dry needling, Botox, massage and physical therapy, cold laser, ultrasound therapy, and medications. We will help you navigate the best treatment and refer you to another caring provider that offers the therapy you need.

Healthy Breathing

Healthy breathing is through your nose. Better immunity, oxygenation, and of course sleep when you are breathing 95% or more through your nose only. We will help you find a solution if this is difficult to do. Many of our team members and patients love utilizing MUTE and Intake Nasal dilators to help them breathing better when working out and sleeping.

Children’s Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Learning issues, anxiety, aggression, daytime sleepiness, mouth breathing, snoring, and many more behavioral and health problems may be traced to insufficient growth of the face and jaw structures, preventing children from getting a night of good, restful sleep. Research over the last 20+ years has connected many behavioral and physical problems with improper or deficient growth of the lower jaw, upper jaw, or sometimes both. These deformities lower a child’s oxygen levels during sleep.

Luckily, dentists like Dr. Rosenfeldt, with the help of orthodontists, sleep physicians, ENT doctors, and therapists, are working together to not only stop but reverse these growth problems. Dr. Rosenfeldt became passionate about pediatric and adult sleep-related breathing disorders when her children were struggling with sleeping, eating, concentrating, etc. Learning first what a sleep-related breathing disorder is, then how to change its course and prevent Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) disease, and finally, a way to prevent this disorder and progression into a common condition.

If you have concerns with yourself or your child, please contact us to schedule an exam. Let us discuss the possible causes and solutions to improve breathing, sleep, growth and development, learning, and overall health. It may change a child’s life.


Solea laser | Serenity Valley Dental
Solea® Sleep handpiece

Solea® Sleep is an easy, non-surgical therapy for snoring. A low-energy laser is used to tighten the tissue that vibrates while you sleep, to reduce or eliminate snoring.

Snoring is the most sensitive and strongest predictor of sleep apnea. Call us to schedule and find out if you are a candidate for Solea Sleep therapy.

Vitamins for Healthy Sleep

We need healthy sleep to repair and restore or body and brain. Give your body the right building blocks, Vitamin D3, all the essential B Vitamins, Iron, and more. We will guide you as you find what you need for the Right Sleep.