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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry | Serenity Valley Dental

Our doctors and each of our team members are personally committed to making you feel at ease by explaining every step and keeping you comfortable. We utilize leading-edge technology during procedures to make sure you are receiving the best dental care available.

Cleanings & Checkups

We encourage patients to visit us at least two times a year for preventive care checkups, depending on your personal needs. During these preventive care checkups, we will provide the following:

  • Personal consultation and x-ray review
  • Updates to your medical history
  • Discussion of any problems or concerns
  • Digital x-rays (90% less radiation than standard x-rays)
  • Oral cancer screening and airway screenings
  • Gum health assessment
  • Cleaning and polishing of your teeth
  • Fluoride varnish treatment
  • Scheduling of your next 3 or 6-month appointment

Gum Health

Healthy gums are pink and firm. Gingivitis occurs when plaque builds up around your teeth causing red, swollen inflammation of your gums. Fortunately, gingivitis can be reversed with proper oral hygiene—regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings. If untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis which usually involves the loss of gum tissue (receding gums) and possibly even bone loss. This can happen in any of the 192 sites around your teeth, and it should be carefully monitored. Again, if not treated properly, eventually periodontitis advances to a stage where you may lose teeth in addition to bone and gum tissue. Periodontal disease is not reversible, but it can be managed. We work with all our patients to avoid periodontal disease; however, if we feel you have a severe case, we will recommend a specialized periodontist dentist to provide more extensive treatment options.

Sports Mouthguards

Anyone—children and adults—involved in active, competitive, and even low-impact sports should consider protecting their teeth with a custom-fit mouthguard. For many sports, a mouthguard is now mandatory equipment and for good reason: in addition to preventing mouth and/or tooth injuries, it can also help protect athletes against concussions. Although premade mouthguards are available at most sporting goods stores, a custom-fit mouthguard is much more comfortable and durable. For more details about our sports mouthguards, please contact us.


Sealants are a protective measure used to prevent decay of the large molar teeth in the back of your mouth. These teeth typically have uneven surfaces and crevices that makes them vulnerable to trapped food and eventual decay. Sealants are helpful to patients of all ages, but they are especially recommended for young patients as soon as permanent molars emerge, usually around age six. To apply sealants, we paint a thin coating of dental plastic that hardens to form protective layer on the tooth. The protective coating should last for several years but can be reapplied as necessary. Learn more about sealants by visiting with your hygienist at your next appointment.